The New Standard for Hiring Technical Talent

HulkHire is reinventing hiring for technical talent.

HulkHire automates and streamlines how enterprises screen and interview engineering, data science, DevOps, and other advanced technical professionals.

Founded in 2021, HulkHire is the first platform to empower talent acquisition leaders and hiring teams to replace resume review, screening calls and first round interviews with short, comprehensive interview that objectively evaluate candidate success on the job role.
HulkHire ensures every minute of recruiter and technical panel is spent only on potential hires, not on unqualified or unmatched candidates  

Asynchronously review and make quick decisions on which candidates to fast-track, and then streamline the remaining interviews using our ATS integrations.

Leading brands like RDP, Byteridge, Agoda and Intuit experience 4X faster time-to-hire, make smarter hiring decisions, and save 1,000+ hours of engineering interview time per year.

HulkHire is based in Hyderabad.

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We're on a mission to reinvent technical hiring. We're a remote-first, VC-backed startup that is expanding our team. Join us!

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